Hip Hop Party Supplies

Hip Hop Party Supplies

Hosting a hip hop party for friends and families is a unique way to celebrate a special event in your life such as a birthday or graduation event. Turn the beat up and roll out the red carpet and you will gain that street cred as an awesome party organizer!

If hip hop plays a big part in your life, hosting a hip hop themed party is definitely a great idea! Hip hop is not all about the music but it is more of a lifestyle! Hip hop is all about the music, the dance, the clothing, and the arts. You can incorporate all of these elements the next time you throw a birthday bash for your family and friends. Of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without the much needed party supplies and decorations that are mainly responsible to set the perfect hip hop mood and ambience. Party supplies can range from the most basic stuff that are associated with hip hop to the more luxurious items that hip hop artists are known for. Here are hip hop party supply essentials that you should never forget to include when organizing a hip hop themed party!


Go old school and send out invitations to your guests. In order for your guests to have an idea that they are going to a hip hop party, send out VIP backstage pass invitations! For a more authentic feel, have these invitations laminated and attach a lanyard to it as well. Request for them to wear their best hip hop costumes as well!

Other popular designs for invitations for your hip hop invitations are the following:

– Bling Invitations
– Graffiti Art Invitations
– Boombox Invitations
– Parental Advisory Invitations

If these invitations ideas do not meet your fancy, there are party supply stores that sell create-your-own-invitation kits. You can decorate the invitation cards yourself. Make sure to indicate the venue, date, time, and attire so your guests arrive on time and wearing the right type of clothes for your party theme.

• Scene Setters

Scene setters for your hip hop party can be anywhere from standouts, banners, photo props, and centerpieces. Your goal is to create a venue where guests will readily feel that they are in the zone for all night fun and socializing.

For starters, you need to identify where you want your hip hop party to be held. Indoor hip hop parties are ideal since you will be playing a lot of music throughout the party. Having a backyard hip hop celebration is also great if you have the sound system and equipment to boot.

If you are hosting the party indoors, cover the walls with butcher paper. Instead of paint sprays, provide markers in different colors and set them at the table nearest the wall. In this way, your guests can get their creative juices on. Encourage them to draw graffiti style art and have them draw unique and fun birthday greetings. As a birthday celebrant, you can keep this after the party. This is also a great way to decorate your walls for that genuine hip hop feel without you even moving a finger.

On the other side of the wall you may choose to post a mural of the New York City or Los Angeles City Skyline. These two cities are popularly known as centers for East Side Hip Hop and West Side Hip Hop respectively. Depending on your taste and musical preference, you can hang one or both of these backdrops to really set the ambience of the party.

The red carpet is an integral part to any hip hop themed party. If you are planning to host an upscale hip hop party, these are absolute must haves. A lot of events and party organizers rent out red carpets and red velvet ropes. It shouldn’t be hard to find one that is operating within your community. You may also choose to ask a friend out to play as a bouncer for the party. Ask one or two of your close friends to wear in black and wear sunglasses. They will welcome all your other guests and ask them to present their invitation before gaining entry. This will add to the total upscale VIP theme of your hip hop celebrations.

On the entrance of the venue, you can place a hip hop inspired arch. This party supply decoration will definitely help set the hip hop and groovy feel of your party. You may also use other scene setter party supplies such as standees, photo props and stand outs.

Here are awesome examples of standees and standouts that you can place not only at the entrance of the venue but throughout the place as well:

– Graffiti and Brick Wall Standees
– Low Rider Cutouts
– Breakdancer Standees
– Disk Jocket Cutouts
– Rock Star Amps and Speakers Standees

You may also use customized standees and cutouts. There are companies that can make standees and cutouts of your favorite rapper or hip hop artists too.
Instead of placing tables at the venue, opt for high top tables instead. They can be installed around the venue so there is ample space for your guests to dance to the beat and do their break dance moves during a dance off. Set a buffet table and prepare finger foods instead of formal entrees.

Your table ware and bar ware should be over the top as well. Take inspiration from parties that hip hop artists commonly throw for VIPs. Serve champagne, beer, and mocktails for your guests to make them feel like A-listers invited to a high-class hip hop party.


Party favors for a hip hop party should ideally be a CD of all your favorite hip hop songs. Your guests will definitely appreciate the gesture and remember your party as memorable, thumping, and fun.

Other party favor suggestions are as follows:

– Dog tag necklaces
– Dark sunglasses
– Glow sticks
– Boom box necklaces
– Dollar Sign Bling Bling Necklaces

These hip hop party supply essentials are not hard to find. With a simple imagination and an innovative mind, you may even be able to create your own hip hop party supplies. However, if you would like a more hassle-free experience of organizing a party, purchasing hip hop party supply kits are definitely a wicked way to go!

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